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As a traditionalist, I was initially reluctant to write online.  It was the same resistance I once felt when I finally swapped my beloved electric typewriter for a computer -- mixed sadness and a good deal of innate stubbornness.  Like that first computer, though, I've found online writing to be rewarding (and admittedly addictive).  As a bit of a loner who has never had a problem with delayed gratification, I'm surprised at the pleasure I take in interacting with the audience -- and the immediacy of the form.  It's an entirely different animal than the old process of submitting a paper manuscript, waiting for months for an editor's stingy reply, and waiting for months more to see the article show up in a glossy print magazine. Although nothing can replace that thrill of holding that shiny new magazine in hand and eagerly flipping through to find one's own work, the joys of online writing are nonetheless many. 

I'm spending a lot of time on Hubpages these days.  From this link, you can view all my Hub content:  Marcy's Hubpages Profile.  

Here are a few of my favorite recent articles on a variety of topics:  

I love my dogs and horses, and they provide plenty of food for my articles.  Here are a couple of pieces about the creatures who keep me company in nearly all I do:

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I'm also enjoying blogging the west in my blog Just West of My Heart.  Again, I resisted blogging for a long time; I considered it the karaoke of the literary world.  It took a while for me to recognize it as the legitimate form that it is.  Coming up with material for my western blog gives me good reasons to travel the historical sites I enjoy -- and to continue the research I find so fulfilling.  Here, you can find articles on western history such as these examples:

I maintain a blog on all things horses, as well.  I've written of horses since I first began to dream of horses -- and that has been a long time.  Here, you may find essays on horsemanship, horse people, and random thoughts of horses:  The Saddle String

I'm proud to use my own photography on my online content.  I hope you enjoy the images as much as the words.