Marcy J. Miller

Author, Photographer, and a Little Bit More

Current Projects

I'm currently devoting the majority of my time to online writing.  I will resume work on my novels-in-progress in the coming year.  Those novels include:

  • Friday Mourning
  • Horse Music
  • Part 2 of The Crossroads Trilogy
  • Dog Knows
  • Scar
The literary world is as rapidly-changing as the technology that drives it.  What is the future of the printed word?  Have you exchanged those precious hours with a paperback book for hours with an e-reader?  Will the demise of big-box bookstores ultimately resurrect the independent book store, that once served as the glue of the local literary community, or is the independent bookstore the eight-track tape of our time?  Do today's readers have an attention span long enough to read great fiction, or is the future of fiction an interactive, photo-laden product in 142 characters or less?  

These are questions I grapple with as I determine my own future as a writer.  Unless there are great readers, there can be no great writers.